Billing Information

Understanding Your Bill

As you prepare for your procedure, we want to make sure you understand how you will be billed for the services you receive. As a general rule, you will get three separate bills. Depending on your specific procedure, you may also get additional bills. The success of your procedure depends on a team effort by many dedicated professionals, including those in our facility. Depending on your particular procedure, and which surgeon is performing it, separate bills may be sent to you.

We realize that these multiple bills can be confusing. Our staff will do their very best to help answer your questions and guide you to the proper sources of information. If you require any assistance, please contact us at 480-284-4355.
Here is an explanation of the types of bills that you may receive:

Surgery Center’s Bill

You will get a bill from us for what is known as the facility fee. This fee is for the building, staff and equipment we provide for your safe and successful experience here. Questions and payments regarding your surgery center billing should be addressed at this office.

Surgeon’s Bill

Your procedure will be performed by a surgeon. Since this physician is not an employee of our surgical center, he/she will bill you separately for your procedure. The surgeon's bill, along with any questions pertaining to it must be addressed to that office.

Anesthesiologist’s Bill

If you receive anesthesia from an anesthesiologist or other provider during your procedure, they will give you either local or general anesthesia and will monitor you throughout your procedure. You will get a separate bill for these services as well. You must address all questions regarding these services to the number listed on your bill.

Other Charges

Depending on several factors related to your particular procedure, you may receive services for which you will get additional bills. These may include Durable Medical Equipment (such as crutches, braces, etc) and Laboratory Fees. Please contact the number listed on any bills, or your surgeon's office if you have any questions regarding such fees.