Preparing for Surgery

When preparing for your procedure, here are a few friendly reminders designed to make your experience as smooth as possible. Our office will call you the day before your procedure to go over all necessary instructions.

1)       Due to the anesthesia, make sure not to eat or drink anything (including medications, unless specifically instructed by your physician) after midnight the night before your procedure.

2)       We want you to be comfortable, so please feel free to wear your pj’s, sweats, slippers or sandals when you come for your procedure. Avoid wearing tight clothing such as jeans or sneakers.

3)       When our office contacts you the day before, we will also give you your procedure time, length and pick-up schedule. Please arrive one hour before the case is scheduled to sign paperwork and be prepped by our nursing staff.

4)       The surgery will be outpatient, so please arrange for a family member or friend to pick you up 45 min to 1 hour after your procedure is scheduled to end. Please limit this to one person.

5)       If your case will be submitted to insurance, please bring an updated license and insurance card when you check in. You will also be responsible to pay any co-pay or deductible related to your procedure at check in.